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Writing task 1: Maps about the changes of the Liverton docks.

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TOPIC: The diagram shows how Liverton docks have changed since 1980. (IELTS question dated 20th Sep 2014)


The picture shows the changes of the Liverton dock between 1980 and now.

We can see that today there is a ship museum relative to the disappearance of ships in the river. It is also noted that a bridge has been built to connect the two sides of the river, and a flood barrier has been created towards the coast. Cranes, which were used in 1980, no longer exist now.

On the north of the river, the warehouse on the west has been converted into the education centre while the one on the east has been removed to make way for a kids’ playing area. In addition, a sailing club has been erected at the position where the crane used to be.

On the south of the river, the warehouse has been transformed into apartments, which are on the right of a new hotel and on the left of the parking area. Along the bank of the river, a river walk has been constructed.

Overall, the most significant change is that Liverton has transformed its function from a wet dock to a residential and heritage area.

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