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The process of recycling old car battery

The picture illustrates the process of how old car batteries are recycled to create new ones and other products.

It is clear that the process has several stages, beginning with the collection work from garages and ending with the production of new batteries, glass and textiles.

Used batteries are collected from garages and delivered to a recycling factory by a truck. After that, the solid components of batteries are separated from their acid liquid to produce the new ones. Old plastic cases are crushed into plastic pellets by a crushing machine, and then a new case is formed. In contrast, old lead grids are put into a furnace, which melts the lead. This lead is then used in the production of new grids. At the final stage, new batteries are created by the combination of new cases and new grids and by the addition of acid.

Old battery acid liquid is treated by chemicals to become solid crystals. These new materials are used to produce glass and textiles.

This ends the description of the recycling process of old car batteries.

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