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Fire escape plan

TOPIC: The diagram below shows about the fire escape plan of the 2nd floor of the student in the accommodation at the college.



The picture instructs the students who stay on the second floor of the college accommodation how to approach meeting points in case of fire.

It is clear that there are two ways for students to escape from the building through the nearest stairs and fire exits.

The students who are on the West of the floor, including those in the bedroom numbers 1, 2 and 3, are instructed to move to the fire exit A through the corridor and stairs on the left. 

While students who stay in the bedroom numbers 4 and 7 just need to go to the stairs in front of their rooms, others who are in the bedroom numbers 5 and 6, and those who are in the lift are guided to approach the fire exit B by passing along the corridor to the stairs.

After exiting the building, the students who go through the fire exit A will gather at the meeting point number 1, while the others group at the meeting point number 2.

This completes the description of the fire escape plan.

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