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Water restriction

Một đề thi IELTS tại Việt Nam năm 2013 và một bài band 9:

TOPIC: Some people think that the supply of fresh water should be strictly controlled by governments as the resources are limited. While others think we can use as much water as we want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


I think that people should be permitted to use as much water as they want and that the government should not strictly control the supply of this precious commodity. 

Many people believe that the use of water should be restricted in some way. There can be little doubt that there is a limited supply of fresh water, although some parts of the world feel this more acutely than others. Rising populations in parts of the world where fresh water is already severely limited might lead governments to the conclusion that they should impose restrictions on how water should be used and how much of it each person should be permitted to use.

Whilst I can see that this argument has a certain logic, I think that strict government controls are not the answer. First of all, in many countries certain regions are frequently favoured over others, often depending on where politicians come from. If a government is granted too much control over water supplies, a region might not be given the water it needs as a result. Secondly, governments can already influence how much water people use through pricing. If water supplies are low and demand high, governments can simply allow the price to rise to reflect this. If necessary, governments can make special payments to people, e.g. the elderly, if they have trouble with their water bills. If prices rise, this could also encourage businesses to look for new sources of water (e.g. by using desalination plants) or find ways of using it more efficiently.

In conclusion, I believe that governments should ensure that all citizens have sufficient access to fresh water and price it – or allow it to be priced – according to supply and demand.

289 words - by Mark Griffiths (IELTS examiner)

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