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Useful phrasal verbs

Dưới đây là một số verb/phrasal verb mình hay dùng trong các bài viết IELTS writing:

- to spend time/money on something: Modern parents often spend less time on the preparation of family meals.

- to invest (money) in something/doing something: The government should invest the national budget in improving the education system.

- to blend in with somebody (làm quen với, hòa nhập với ai đó): A number of children find it difficult to blend in with other people.

- to run out (of something) (cạn kiệt): The overexploitation of natural resources just makes their supply run out faster.

- to engage in something (tham gia vào cái gì đó): Many young people are engaging in criminal activities.

- to fail to do something (thất bại trong việc làm cái gì đó): A growing number of children fail to behave properly in many countries.

- to be the contributing factor in something/doing something: Poverty is a contributing factor in the spread of disease.

- to discourage somebody from doing something: A low interest rate would discourage people from saving money in the bank.

- to attract something: Mr Vinh's daily lessons attract the interest of many Vietnamese students.

Chúc các bạn học tốt và vận dụng tốt các cụm từ phía trên nhé :)

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